Биохимический Анализатор


Automatic Chemistry Analyzer

Описание продукта

Constant 800 T/H, 1000 T/H with ISE
2 reagent disks, 150 reagent positions, support 20mL, 50mL and 70mL reagent bottle types
Support 4 reagents R1, R2, R3 and R4
24 hours non-stop cooling system with peltier element and water cooling system
99 sample positions
100μL minimum reaction volume
161 semi-permanent cuvettes in solid direct heating system can be replaced individually
Durable ceramic syringes, 1 sample probe, 2 reagent probes, 4 high-performance stirrers
8 nozzles washing station with detergent and warm water to ensure cuvettes clean and decrease cross contamination
Various primary tubes and special cups can be used
Up to 20 dummy sample trays
Sample & reagent bar code reader
Bi-directional LIS/HIS
Probe & washing arm collision protection