Automatic Urinalysis Workflow

Product description

Fully automatic urinalysis system consistsof URIT-1600, URIT-1280, connecting bridge, work station;

Proficiency and efficiency in urinalysis inthe most convenient way;

Adopting the most advanced image captureand multi-core parallel processing technique

URIT-1600 Automatic Urine Analyzer

Up to 300T/H;

Up to 14 parameters including Cr, MA, Ca,VitC;

8 inch color display with touch screen;

Integrated barcode reader for sample;

More than 100,000 data memory capacity;

Accurate sample quantitative drop system;

Stable strip reaction time control;

COM and LAN port for LIS and HIScommunication

URIT-1280 Automatic Urine Sediment Analyzer

Up to 100T/H and HIS communication;

Three counting channels in flow cell;

Whole view field microscopic images ofsediment with computer;

11 parameters: RBC, WBC, SQEP, NSE, HYA,UNCC, COAX, BACT, YST, MUCUS, URIC, etc.;

Walk-away automation, high-efficiencywashing system